Zentangle® Basics workshop
This workshop instructs you on the basic process of the Zentangle Method (patent pending) We will learn step by step how to draw tangles (the structured patterns of Zentangle)  Each student will complete two tiles.  The materials fee includes everything needed for this class. 2.5 hours

Zentangle® Intermediate workshop
Each student will learn additional tangles and gain a further understanding of the ‘String’  We will also explore more advanced techniques of shading and learn some tangle enhancers.  Tangles taught in this workshop require a higher level of concentration.
NOTE: Zentangle Basics is a prerequisite for this class 2.5 hours



Combine Mandala with the tangles of

Savor the experience of combining the meditative value of the mandala with the mindfulness of Zentangle in this workshop.  We’ll construct a string in the mandala tradition and draw tangles with shading to complete this work of art. NOTE: Zentangle Basics is a prerequisite for this class and Intermediate is recommended. 3 hours



Zentangle Inspired Art: Using the Zentangle Method with a twist.
Theme: Zentangle on Fabric 

NOTE: Zentangle Basics is a prerequisite for this class

Zentangle on Fabric

Home Zentangle workshop
Invite your friends, colleagues, classmates or family  to your home for a Zentangle workshop.  A minimum of 4 attendees with hostess bonuses for larger groups.  Select from the workshops above with appropriate prerequisite workshops. 2.5 hours

Corporate groups
Treat your employees to the magic of Zentangle.  Enjoy the benefits of building teams by using Zentangle as a common denominator.  Enhance the problem solving skills of teams who achieve the relaxed focus that Zentangle brings.  Programs customized for group size and available time. Time: varies

Contact your Certified Zentangle Teacher, Bette Abdu to discuss your requirements at